Tax Disputes

Tax disputes

Tax enquiries and investigations can be expensive, stressful and cause great emotional distress. Our experienced and professional tax investigation team has full experience in the treatment of the full range of enquiries and investigations.
We can help with:

Compliance enquiries

An investigation by HMRC compliance office can look at a single element or review all the entries in the tax return. It is important, from the beginning, that taxpayers understand HM Revenue & Customs powers and what they are entitled to apply. It is also important to understand why the tax collector has opened the investigation and whether there are other issues to consider. Our team of specialised research accountants responsible for compliance questions on a daily basis and are better able to obtain favourable results for our clients.

Code of Practice 9 (Contractual Disclosure Facility)

These are the cases where the collector suspected tax fraud and is writing an outline initial release followed by a detailed report, all within tight deadlines. Our team is experienced in counselling and treatment of such disclosure and can guide you through the process in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Code of Practice 8

This code is used to investigate the mechanisms of evasion and fraud. These cases can be very costly and time consuming. Our team has addressed several of the avoidance schemes and have an excellent track record in solving these complex cases.

Schedule information notification 36

This is HM Revenue & Customs formal powers to request information and sets daily fines where information has not been provided. In Axis Accountants we are able to advise on whether the information HMRC notice has been issued correctly and assist in the preparation of any response.

Discovery Assessment

When HM Revenue & Customs are outside of their normal time limits for raising an assessment they must resort to raising a discovery assessment. The legislation sets out the situations in which discovery assessments can be raised. Our tax investigation team has extensive knowledge of the rules and their application.

Disclosures under HM Revenue & custom campaigns

HM Revenue & Customs have campaigns to help people regulate their tax affairs in a simple and cost effective manner. Our team has helped many people using these campaigns.

PAYE and VAT visits and enquiries

PAYE and VAT visits may seem like a routine that the taxman, but committed erroneously handled that can leave the taxpayer with large liabilities covering several years. tax investigation team at Axis Accountants is used for advice on PAYE and VAT visits and "hands-on" advice and guidance needed before, during and after a visit.

If you have a problem or potential problem with HM Revenue & Customs we offer impartial advice, taking into account a confidential and discreet manner. For an initial talk, please speak with your contact person or our tax disputes and Director of the resolution, Sohaib Akram on 020 3004 9656 Or feel free to email for specialist advice tax investigation . In addition, our Tax Investigation Service has been created to provide customers with the support and guidance needed in these difficult times.

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