Audit and Assurance

Audit is the centre of our professional lives. We work with our clients as a trusted advisor and business partner to actually add value to their business. Axis Accountants act for companies of all types and sizes, ranging from the kiosk on the corner to the manufacturing company of their owners and cited in the stock market. We also act for other organizations such as charities, pension plans, unions and associations. Good planning and communication is something which we emphasis on. We make sure that everyone involved 'forewarned is forearmed and' so we deliver on time every time. We are committed to high quality audits, performed by teams with high technical level, enthusiasm and independent opinion. We respond to the needs of its business and affairs of interest to you, while compliance with current regulations and accounting audit. We take responsibility for key decisions in a timely and critical issues addressed robustly, but transparent. You can expect to benefit through an efficient audit process, but thorough and credible strategic advice. We want to make it simpler and less stressful audit and we will offer a highly qualified team that not only will be fully informed but have good penetration in the sector in which it operates.
Whenever possible year after year we will aim to give continuity so you can be sure that you will get the value added service you need. For Axis Accountants, the audit is an opportunity for us to understand your organization as a whole. Where checking and verification are important, the audit is more than just a compliance exercise. We want to work with you and your business to stay ahead of potential problems and fix them before time. Our audit teams are socio-led and adopt a personal approach to the relationship hands. Our teams use their specific knowledge of the sector to add value to the audit process. We understand that managing your finances is a key part of the business, especially as business risks have become more difficult in recent years. Our teams are alert to opportunities to improve systems and internal controls and reduce commercial risks

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